Welcome to the BioMicroSystems Lab!

The BioMicroSystems Lab performs highly multi-disciplinary research, from fundamental science to applied work. Our mission is to understand and develop microfluidic systems and point-of-care sensors for improving public health and safety. We also have a strong interest in developing microfabrication and nanofabrication techniques.  BMS Lab has extensive experience and practical knowledge in design and development of microfluidic and point-of-care sensor systems. We also have extensive knowledge of clean room operations as well as the associated equipment needed to fabricate and characterize micro devices and systems. BMS Lab is a founding member of the NSF Center for Advanced Design and Manufacturing of Integrated Microfluidics (CADMIM) and  the Ohio Center for Microfluidic Innovation (OCMI).

Current Major Research Thrusts

Inertial Microfluidics.  Inertial focusing has been attracting considerable interest in recent years due to immensely promising applications in cell separations and sorting. We envision promising applications and easy integration of our devices with existing lab-on-a-chip systems for cell separations.

Point-of-Care Electrochemical Sensors.  We are developing portable electrochemical sensors for rapid point-of-care assessment of exposure to heavy metals.  This work also extends to the development of sensors for determination of biomarkers in biological fluids.

Microfabrication.  There is a strong need for simple methods of mid- to large-scale fabrication of microfluidic and sensor systems. We are investigating methods that range from roll-to-roll fabrication to micromilling to 3D printing to polymer casting.


12.14.2015 Congratulations to Nivedita Nivedita - recent BMSL PhD graduate!


10.25.2015 Dr. Papautsky gave a talk at the MicroTAS 2015 Conference in Gyeongju, Korea.  BMSL work was also presented in 3 posters.


10.21.2015 Dr. Papautsky gave an invited talk at the 25th International Society for Exposure Science (ISES) meeting in Henderson, NV.


09.08.2015  BMSL  hosts the Fall Industrial Advisory Board meeting for the NSF CADMIM!  More than 50 attendees from industry, government, and academia.  Two days packed with technical presentations, demos, and lab tours!


07.14.2015 Congratulations to Xing Pei - recent BMSL PhD graduate!


07.13.2015 Congratulations to Craig Murdoch - recent BMSL PhD graduate!


06.05.2015 Xiao and Nivedita presented their work at Gordon Research Conference on Microfluidics in West Dover, VT


05.27.2015 Wenjing and Xiao presented their work at the 227thElectrochemical Society meeting in Chicago, IL


05.04.2015 Congratulations to Mike Ratterman - recent BMSL PhD graduate!


04.28.2015 Congratulations to Nivedita who was awarded Outstanding TA award by the EECS Department!


04.01.2015 Congratulations to Yuguang, who was awarded the 2015 Summer Research Fellowship 2015 by the University Research Council!


03.21.2015 Congratulations to Prithvaraj Mucharjee - recent BMSL MS graduate!


01.16.2015 Congratulations to Yuguang, who was awarded 2015 Research Fellowship by the University Research Council!